Web Design & Web Development

Our web design packages make it easy to take your business online. Start small and grow your online presence at your own speed. We ensure that your website provides an ROI that makes sense for your business model. All of our website designs are “results driven” and are built and implemented to achieve your goals. We build dynamic websites and applications exclusively using Joomla.

All of our projects are based on hourly estimates. Our current rate for web design & web development is $100/hr.

Our minimum project starts at $1,500 for any design or development with new clients.,
E-commerce projects start at $5,000+

Please contact us for a price quote.



We host primarily on a LAMP platform (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Our servers are in Pheonix and Scottsdale, Arizona.

  • Basic – $30.00/month – Basic website support, FTP access, site statistics and nightly backups.
  • Joomla Hosting – $65.00/month – Everything in the Basic package plus advanced scripting, database support, and all Joomla Core updates.
  • Custom – $95.00+/month – pricing is based upon specific defined requirements


We host with GoDaddy and are happy to refer any clients wishing to host themselves to use their platform as we have found it to be the best in class Joomla Hosting currently available.

We recommend using Google Apps for mail services.

* All pricing subject to change without notice. Prices may vary based upon page size, amount of content, total website size and complexity. Additional fees may apply for Google Apps integration.


Internet Marketing


Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website is fully optimized for search engine indexing. Thus helping you achieve higher rankings for key search terms associated with your business. Our program ensures your html code is properly written and easily read by search engine “spiders” & “robots”. All of our custom website designs are built with SEO as a priority. Any existing websites wishing to utilize our SEO services will be quoted on a per-project basis depending upon the size and complexity of the website.



Search Engine Marketing works in conjunction with SEO but differs significantly. While SEO is concerned with the code and specific technical aspects of your website, SEM is concerned with the content and popularity (inbound links) of your website. Our SEM program will identify key phrases for marketing your website on search engines and then ensure that your copy and content is optimized for those key phrases. After key phrases have been identified, we will review your copy to ensure proper placement of key phrases and then provide recommendations and revisions if necessary. We will also work with you to automate content creation, article postings, blog creation & syndication, as well as Press Release submissions.

  • SEO & SEM services are provided on an hourly basis at $90-$150/hour
  • SEO & SEM services require a monthly agreement with a minimum of 5 hours per month
  • SEO services require an initial evaluation and setup. The amount of time necessary for this will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the website. The minimum setup is 10 hours.


Many times SEM and PPC are used synonymously and are considered the paid versions of Search Engine Marketing. While SEO is considered the organic or natural Search Engine Marketing. We prefer to generalize SEM as all Search Engine Marketing meaning that PPC is a type of SEM and SEO is also. You can see this relationship in our graph; Understanding SEO

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